Making a Charitable Donation in Memory of Ray

Ray was noted throughout his life for his generosity. To family, to friends and to a broad array of noble causes that touched his heart - spanning environmental, medical, social and political issues.

Many people have asked if they could make a charitable donation as a salute to Ray.

Ray's widow Philippa has chosen an under-funded cause that she would like to benefit from the generosity of those who wish to salute Ray. The Dementia Research Fund at University College London's Dementia Research Centre. It shares its discoveries with fellow researchers and medical centres worldwide.

If you make a donation in Ray's name we have arranged that it will be channeled specifically to fund research into PPA (Primary Progressive Aphasia) - the rare and dreadful neurological condition that afflicted Ray in his final years - and eventually robbed him of his life.

Read more about The Dementia Research Fund below.

There is a dedicated donation webpage for Ray.

•  At your choice you may donate any amount - in US dollars, in British pounds or seven other exotic currencies.

•  You can make your donation via any credit card (UK, US or other) or via PayPal

• You have the choice of identifying yourself as a donor on the website - or you can choose to be anonymous

•  You have the choice of the amount of your donation being listed on the website - or the amount can be left unspecified

•  You have the option of leaving a short message about Ray if you wish.

•  Because the charity is UK-based if you happen to be a UK taxpayer - your donation can be boosted by 25% at no expense to yourself - by means of a UK government rebate to the charity.

Please visit the special web page and donate as generously as you can in memory of Ray.

More about The Dementia Research Fund

The Dementia Research Fund supports work at University College London's Dementia Research Centre. The research takes place at the world-renowned National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery and The Institute of Neurology.

These prestigious organizations - which are part of the University College London Hospitals Foundation - are among the world's leading centres for the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with a wide range of neurological and neuromuscular conditions.

Of special pertinence in regard to Ray - they are foremost in researching PPA (Primary Progressive Aphasia), FTD (Frontotemporal Dementia) and other rare and debilitating forms of dementia.

More about Primary Progressive Aphasia

• Information from the National Aphasia Society

• Information from the Memory & Aging Center of UCSF

• The Genetic & Rare Diseases Information Center

• Terry Jones of Monty Python: "My frontal lobe has absconded!"

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